Diane Wright artist - graphite pencil drawings
I live life with a quiet passion ~
~ seeing beauty in the simplest scenes ~
~that is what makes life so rich...
I hope you enjoy a rural ramble through my artwork and, while you're here, you can polish your Tree-drawing skills with my tutorial, investigate my Printing Services for graphite artists, read about me, or follow the progress of my latest drawing stage-by-stage.

Derived from my Drawing Techniques Workshops, this packet includes simple, easy instructions, hands-on exercises and drawing samples for guidance.

Beginners to advanced will find lots of valuable tips and techniques specific to landscapes.


'Drawing Made Easy: Beautiful Landscapes' landscape drawing tutorials book by Diane Wright
I teamed up with Walter Foster Publishing to write a book for them:

“Drawing Made Easy: Beautiful Landscapes”

The 7th book in the "Drawing Made Easy" series.

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